Bitdeer Black Friday Carnival 2021: mine Bitcoin at your fingertips


SINGAPORE–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Bitdeer, the world’s leading digital asset mining and sharing services platform, has launched its consumer Black Friday campaign which will end on December 26, 2021. In partnership with Bitcoin Magazine, the leading site With news covering Bitcoin and other digital currencies, the Black Friday Sale will provide global users with tempting deals. Bitdeer will also partner with the Texas-based Built With Bitcoin Foundation, which is a 501 (c) 3 registered nonprofit that is committed to creating equality of opportunity and reducing poverty by providing support. drinking water, access to education and sustainable agriculture. , and humanitarian support, all of which are powered by Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies.

Extending Bitdeer’s ‘Customer Obsession’ philosophy – a customer-centric approach to its business developments – the Black Friday campaign aims to give back and reward the Bitdeer community and customers with offers and discounts, thanking them for their support long term and their confidence in Bitdeer. At the same time, Bitdeer acknowledged that in a spirit of thanksgiving, this is a good time to give back to communities in need as well.

Bitdeer as Exclusive Crypto Mining Partner on

As the exclusive cryptocurrency mining sponsor of BitcoinBlackFriday subsidiary of Bitcoin Magazine, Bitdeer is also introducing flash sale promotions that will provide better deals for global miners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to try out its Bitcoin mining model. and its premier service packages.

The promotion will encompass a wide range of service offerings on both and the campaign website with up to 13% discounts. Also, a shortest 5-day trial of the powerful Antminer S17 with total costs starting at just $ 8.10. A variety of other discounted deals and plans are also available for fans. *

Celebrate with Purpose – Auction and Donate to Charity

Bitdeer not only envisions the development of a more sustainable business and economic future, but is also committed to the public welfare. Giving back to society plays a vital role in Bitdeer’s philosophy.

As a result, a portion of the revenue generated from the Black Friday promotional sales will be allocated for charitable purposes, with 1% of the hash fee generated by the sharing service packages to be donated. Bitdeer will also donate $ 1 for every 5-day trial sold during the promotional period.

Additionally, a 3D printed miniature of the Bitdeer mining facility will be available for auction on the campaign platform. A cheerful display and a collector’s item for those who enjoy Bitcoin or crypto mining, this 3D printed model is made from resin and contains multiple ANTBOX units. It is designed and printed based on the structure and appearance of Bitdeer’s state-of-the-art mining facilities in Norway. Fans and enthusiasts can start collecting and combining parts from various model series and finally recreate their own dream mining setup. *

All profits from the above-mentioned activities will be donated to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation in the form of cryptocurrency to support the foundation’s operations and projects in underdeveloped and poverty-stricken regions and countries.

* Terms and conditions apply, for more details please visit

About Bitdeer

Bitdeer is the world’s leading digital asset mining and sharing services platform, enabling users around the world to mine cryptocurrencies transparently, reliably and conveniently. It saves users the complicated process of purchasing, installing and hosting mining machines. Individual minors can take advantage of the service with just one click.

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