Delhi Police to Hire Social Media Agency to Increase Reach and Popularity


To improve their image, especially online, the Delhi police have decided to hire a social media analysis and awareness management agency, which will, among other things, create a YouTube channel highlighting their “good work. “.

Currently, a team of contract employees – mostly recent graduates working with the Special Branch – manages the Delhi Police Twitter accounts. We learn that Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana wants a more professional approach in the future.

Last year, Delhi police realized the importance of setting up an IT cell when, during the February 2020 riots in northeast Delhi, unknown users, including Pakistanis, published fake “Alerts” on violence and tried to “tarnish the image of the police. ”.

“In addition, the officers were also caught off guard by the protest rallies that were planned on social media,” said a senior officer. Former Delhi Police Commissioner SN Shrivastava then approved a proposal from the special branch to hire contract workers, mostly young graduates, with IT training and management experience. social media.
Initially, the IT cell was looking for illegal content, but now its members are also urged to amplify Delhi Police posts on social media.

“We’ve seen several instances of people enjoying unsung heroes after seeing a post online. We want to hire an agency to develop interesting and innovative content campaigns related to Delhi Police, to have proper communication strategy for various social media platforms and to improve the reach of real-time content, ”said an officer superior. . “The concepts and campaigns proposed by the media agency must be in line with the Delhi Police Business Strategy.”

To this end, Delhi Police has issued a tender and met with several agencies.

An officer said the plan was to engage audiences on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. “For Facebook, the media agency should create and manage the pages of all Delhi police units. They should also… promote the webpage, the website, the fan page. They should post regularly, promote online, and comments on posts should be maintained for maximum impact. They should also use Facebook to share videos or content that needs to go viral, ”an officer said.

On YouTube, the agency will have to manage the channels in order to increase audience and reach. “Delhi Police Twitter account should be filled with attractive relevant information, a database should be created and operated to increase the number of subscribers… With the help of third party candidates like Tweetdeck, Tweetvite, the agency should tweet and use events to contact people online, ”the officer said.


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