Lorena Gonzalez releases ‘morally disgusting’ ‘anti-black’ attack ad in mayoral race


Seattle City Council President Lorena Gonzalez is desperate in the race for mayor. A recent ad attack created by one of his many consultants may have killed his chances of winning.

More than three dozen leaders of Seattle’s black community have called a new attack announcement “morally disgusting” and “anti-black.” They argue that the defamation implies that her opponent and favorite Bruce Harrell is linked to “the trauma of a white woman as a victim of sexual assault.” The group asks Gonzalez to withdraw the ad.

Gonzalez, meanwhile, proudly displayed the attack publicity on her. personal Twitter account, pinning it to the top of its feed.

Lorena’s “racist” publicity against her opponent

The ad features a woman identified as Caitlin F. from North Seattle. She says she was sexually assaulted five years ago and the accused has never been prosecuted. But the assault had as much to do with Harrell as it did with Gonzalez.

Caitlin then pivots strangely towards Harrell to initially defend former mayor Ed Murray. At the time, Murray was facing child abuse charges.

The ad made the headlines of the Seattle Times on September 17, 2017, as it covered Murray’s resignation. At the time, there were five accusers. Caitlin then quotes a statement made by Harrell in July 2017, saying he said: “People shouldn’t be judged on what they may have done in the past.”

That’s not what Harrell said, and the quote that appears on screen is out of context.

Harrell was responding to Gonzalez calling on the board to kick Murray out of office based on the allegation. In this context, it noted Seattle voters “haven’t asked us to judge anyone for something that happened 33 years ago or that maybe didn’t happen. We just don’t know. He called for due process.

Caitlin also states: “Bruce Harrell has repeatedly sided with the abusers. As a Survivor, I could never vote for him. However, she doesn’t explain why she’s comfortable voting for Gonzalez, who promises to cut the Seattle Police Department’s budget, making it harder to arrest attackers. She also does not refer to Gonzalez renting Murray “collaborative approach and his tireless commitment to public service” after learning of the charges against him.

The response to the attack announcement was swift.

Nearly 40 black leaders speak out

A who’s who of black leaders in the Seattle area wrote a letter condemning the ad.

“Dangerous racist tropes involving the insinuation of black men as insensitive to issues of sexual violence remain ubiquitous in our society,” the letter read. “This painful and ugly part of our country’s history continues to this day. For you, perpetuating these racist stereotypes in your campaign is a new low in our civic discourse and an attempt to erase the decades of advocacy and accomplishments of Bruce Harrell, who has been an unwavering voice for victims of violence and discrimination throughout. throughout his career in law and politics.

The signatories of the letter are Gerald Hankerson (Regional President, NAACP Alaska, Oregon, Washington), Rev. Harriett G. Walden (Co-Founder Mothers for Police Accountability) and State Representative Jesse Johnson (D-Federal Way) .

“This ad is morally disgusting and deals with anti-black dog whistles that harm our community,” said Paula Sardinas, assault victim advocate and former member of the state’s African-American Affairs Commission, in a statement. Harrell press release. “This problem affects and traumatizes not only our community, but also my own family. My daughter was assaulted in 2016. As the mother of a survivor who works with victims on a daily basis, I speak out against a candidate who would rather campaign against fear than advocate for justice. This is exactly why we need Bruce Harrell as mayor.

Lorena should have known better

The ad isn’t really racist – it’s just hopeless and pathetic. To suggest that Harrell is somehow responsible for a victim’s trauma is gutter politics. That someone is expecting something better from Gonzalez is confusing. This is who she is.

But if a similar ad targeted Gonzalez in this way, it would cry racism. So, for her, tampering with the same kind of defamation that she would call deserves condemnation. According to his standards, the advertisement would be qualified as racist.

I offer this observation not as a supporter of Harrell, since I am not. I don’t like either. But he’s clearly more moderate in a voice than Gonzalez.

Confusedly, Gonzalez should have known that his publicity would backfire. But she lives a secluded life in Seattle, surrounded only by staff and interns who are probably too scared of her temper to tell her what life in Seattle is really like.

Instead of spending time getting to know the city she helped ruin, she spent a ton of the out-of-state money she received from national unions on consultants who are also out of state.

Lorena should spend less on consultants

Most of the war treasures of the Gonzalez campaign have faded away to consultants working to make it personable with nifty campaign ads that are not based on reality.

Gonzalez spent at least $ 107,904.69 on Deliver Strategies, a Virginia-based direct mail consulting company. DC-based Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research is leading polls for the campaign, earning at least $ 102,750. For the video production, Gonzalez paid $ 36,111 at 76 words on DC. As of October 11, 2021, the campaign has posted an additional $ 82,016.93 to Deliver Strategies as outstanding debt.

Not all of its consultants are out of state.

Gonzalez paid Seattle-based Katherine Bobman Consulting LLC at least $ 43,700. Seattle consultant Heather Weiner earned at least $ 10,072.14 for her services.

Where does the money come from?

Gonzalez leaned heavily on democracy vouchers.

Rather than hope that her supporters would send their campaign coupons to the campaign, Gonzalez paid Prism Washington to collect them for her. Several potential voters complained to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH that a Gonzalez volunteer tried to mislead them into handing over their vouchers.

“People are asking people outside of Target to sign a document to protest against rent increases in Seattle,” a Seattleite emailed to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH in September. “I was ready to consider signing, but he didn’t immediately hand over the board, he just indicated where to sign. I said I wouldn’t sign anything that I couldn’t read, and then he handed it over. It was a form authorizing my democracy vouchers to Lorena Gonzalez. I immediately told the child that I was not supporting her and he thanked me for my time.

Alex Koren, of the Gonzalez campaign, pledged that their “canvassers are trained to clearly state that they are collecting democracy vouchers for Lorena González”. He requested more information so that he could examine the allegation. After I provided it, it didn’t respond to my follow-up.

Big union dollars to the rescue

Gonzalez also enjoys an important union dollars.

Unite Here Local 8 and UFCW Local 21 spent at least $ 439,090 to support Gonzalez. They spent the funds on TV ads and direct mail. It made sense for them to spend so much money on Gonzalez. It was probably expected. As a consultant, she pushed through legislation to offer an indefinite risk premium to employees of grocery stores in Seattle.

The SEIU 775 Quality Care Committee donated more than an additional $ 16,000 for Gonzalez. They offered support with digital ads and phone / sms to gain support for the board member.

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