Motorhome website advertising Caithness Cemetery as a good place to park removes the list

The entrance to Corsback Cemetery, near Dunnet. Image: DGS

A website and app listing locations primarily for RVs sparked disgust after some users highlighted inappropriate parking options for an overnight stop, including next to a cemetery in Caithness .

But the Park4night website, which invites users to share their parking experiences in various countries in Europe, immediately removed the list from Corsback, near Dunnet.

Typically, the posts indicate where there is free parking, official websites and facilities, with comments tending to whether or not the stay is peaceful.

Councilor Struan Mackie was alerted to the list of cemeteries by a voter and discovered that a large portion of the sites listed included council-owned parking lots, harbors and cemeteries.

The message that was deleted was described as: “Graveyard. Water inside the gate on the new side, ideal for restocking. Could spend a night too.

Councilor Mackie, who represents Thurso and Northwest Caithness at Highland Council, said: “Having been alerted to this website by a concerned voter, I was disgusted to learn that our cemetery parking lots are listed as suitable sites for overnight stays.

“Having visited the website and downloaded their mobile app myself, I can see that the sites listed are almost exclusively municipally owned land from our parking lots, port properties and cemeteries.

“It is deeply concerning that in the facilities section of Corsback cemetery, the app noted that there was fresh water available through a tap just inside the cemetery and that it was a great place to replenish your water supply.

“This is irresponsible and false. The facilities in our cemeteries are intended for our burial staff and grounds maintenance. Our parking lots and cemeteries are not campsites and I have asked the town hall to take immediate action. measures against the company.

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