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October 12, 2017

[Updated] The health ministry has released both an electronic and a print version of the new directory of support services, saying “this is the first time that an online searchable version of the directory has been offered.”

“The Department of Health’s Office of Health Promotion produces the printed directory, which lists nonprofits, registered charities and government agencies in Bermuda that provide support services to families and children, the elderly and people with disabilities, ”the ministry said.

“The online directory will provide an expanded version of the printed directory and will include private businesses that help families and children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

“The electronic directory can be consulted in three ways:

  • 1. Search by key term – Enter a word or phrase that interests you and press Enter to produce a list of organizations related to your search.
  • 2. Filter by Population and / or Category – Filters will apply immediately and display the list to you on the right side of the screen.
  • 3. Browse Directory – Scroll through the alphabetical list of featured organizations. Select the one you want to view.

“The online directory is part of the Department of Health’s Long-Term Care Action Plan, which is committed to increasing community and professional knowledge about the resources available to help those in need of care. long-term care. This resource will make it easier to find the help seniors, people with disabilities and families need.

“For those who prefer a printed book, previous recipients will receive them in the mail next week or they are available for collection at the Department of Health, downstairs, at Continental House, corner of Church Street and Cedar Avenue. “

Health Minister Kim Wilson said, “I hope the public will find the directory useful in identifying appropriate services and support programs. The searchable database should make it easier and easier to find several organizations that can provide the necessary support. “

The online directory can be found at, and to be included in the online directory or to update information, use the online submission form which is available here or contact the Office of Health Promotion at 278-4900.

Update: When asked how the site was made [in-house by the Government or outsourced and paid for], the ministry said the development was outsourced at a total cost of $ 2,512.

Bermuda Aid Services Directory Oct 2017

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