Organizers of Artists’ Sunday “Don’t Rest” Until The Day Is As Famous As Black Friday


You’ve heard of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, but artists based in Seattle and elsewhere want to add a new day of shopping to your calendar: Artists Sunday.

The campaign was launched last year as a national public education effort to support local artists by encouraging people to shop for local art on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

“The goal is to make Artist Sunday a part of consumer consciousness, so it’s Black Friday, it’s Small Business Saturday, it’s Artist Sunday and Cyber ​​Monday, and we let’s not rest until this message is universal, ”said Chris Sherman. , a photographer based in Marion, Iowa.

Artists Sunday, a volunteer effort led by Sherman and Seattle artist Cynthia Freese, gives artists and arts organizations access to free marketing materials to promote the day. They can also register to be featured in the searchable online directory of artists and organizations at

This year, more than 4,500 artists are registered across the country – including 405 in Washington State and 121 in Seattle – for Artists Sunday on November 28.

“We are very pleased with the number of artists across the country who are working with us,” said Sherman. “We like to work with communities, not necessarily just artists, because communities have a deep reach. “

Among the changes from last year, organizers have streamlined the “toolbox” of marketing materials, including social media graphics and posters, to make it easier to access.

There were just under 4,000 artists registered for Artists Sunday of 2020, Freese said. After the holiday weekend, she sent out a survey to those who participated.

“We sent out a survey afterwards to ask how your sales were this year compared to last year and if they had been boosted, and we had some really overwhelming and happy responses from people saying the toolkit was the best. had really helped and that they had noticed that the sales had increased. “said Freese.

Sherman said the American Craft Council, a non-profit organization located in Minneapolis, reported that on Artist Sunday last year they saw sales five times over on a normal business day.

Artists and organizations across the country can register for free on the Artists Sunday website and will have access to marketing materials and a listing in the Artist Directory, Patron Directory or Partner Directory of the site.

Those interested in purchasing art this year can search for participating artists, galleries and organizations in their area from the directory on the website.

“The idea behind Artists Sunday is, look, accept this day as yours, and here’s the marketing materials,” Sherman said. “It’s really not about promoting ourselves. We just want to be a facilitator, we want to [the artists] to be able to promote themselves and use the tools we give them to do so.

Sherman said he came up with the idea after seeing increased sales on his own site after Thanksgiving in 2019. He partnered with Freese last year to launch Artists Sunday in Seattle.

“Art is the connecting fabric of our local communities, it supports local economies, you know,” Sherman said. “The artists are local, they buy local, they spend this local money. So, supporting artists is supporting this local community.


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