Wow ! WA Dems President Tina Podlodowski twice voted for Donald Trump?


Washington State Democratic President Tina Podlodowski voted for former President Donald Trump, selling the same Democrats she says she represents.

I wasn’t at the Seahawks game last week, but I heard she tried to attend with a dazzled MAGA hat. She’s a big fan. Some in the crowd were upset and she then quit the game to join a group of pro-life counter-protesters at this weekend’s abortion rights rally.

I’m not really sure the above statements are true (I mean, they could be, I guess). Fortunately, this shouldn’t bother Podlodowski. She seems to think that lying about the voting history is an acceptable strategy. She does it to a candidate lawyer in the city of Seattle.

Tina Podlodowski keeps lying about Ann Davison

As the Seattle city attorney race intensifies, the Washington Democratic Party and other Democratic groups embrace abolitionist Nicole Thomas-Kennedy.

Thomas-Kennedy is an extremist who doesn’t want to just abolish the job she’s running for. She thinks “property crime is a moral imperative,” encourages arson and thinks cops are Nazis. While more traditional Democrats like former governors Christine Gregoire and Gary Locke have approved Thomas-Kennedy’s moderate challenger, Ann Davison, party activists have embraced lawlessness and abolition.

Podlodowski hates Republicans and is a stubborn ideologue. So she kisses Thomas-Kennedy and attacks Davison. Fair enough: Podlodowski is certainly not the only recalcitrant activist blinded by a seething hatred of her political opponents. There are Republicans who do the same to Democrats.

But Podlodowski is so desperate to back the candidate who says she will not prosecute the crimes that the Washington Democratic president is flat out lying about Davison. She continues to claim that Davison voted for former President Donald Trump.

But Davison never voted for Trump.

None of Podlodowski’s claims are true

Podlodowski Many times complaints Davison is a “Republican Trump” who “chose, at the height of Trump’s baseness, to express his support and embrace his so-called” values. ” By Seattle standards, that would render Davison unfit to perform his duties. The nickname “Republican Trump” is amplified by socialist and progressive activists who champion the very police and criminal justice ideology that caused the record for violent crime in Seattle.

But none of the statements are true.

Davison is a moderate Republican who caucus and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. She voted for Joe Biden in 2020. She never kissed Trump; literally the opposite.

And while Davison condemned the violence on January 6, Podlodowski and the Washington Democrats’ militant base (particularly in King County) have remained silent during a literal armed insurgency in Seattle that created a deadly autonomous zone. – or they outright embraced and approved it.

An ironic attack on a moderate

The absurd claim that Davison is a “Trump Republican” appears to stem from his decision to become a Dan Evans Republican during Trump’s presidency.

But as Davison made clear at the time, it wasn’t because of Trump; it was because of the extremist positions taken by local Democrats. Zone Democrats are no longer traditional Democrats like Davison. They are the kind of extremists who embrace abolition.

Davison didn’t feel like he belonged to a party that embraced violence against cops or no jail for prolific offenders.

It is ironic that Podlodowski attacks a moderate Republican as an extremist while she supports a candidate who is a true extremist.

Podlodowski is lying

I understand Podlodowski is dangerously obsessed with Trump, but that’s no excuse to keep lying about Davison. I cannot, however, say that I am shocked. Podlodowski lies shamelessly.

Since his humiliating and high-profile defeat to Secretary of State Kim Wyman, the President of the Washington Democrats has been tampering with lies. She keeps trying to attack Wyman, only to fall flat.

In a series of tweets, Podlodowski claimed that Wyman “called on voters not to vote in the WA presidential primary, due to the requirement to sign a partisan statement.” And typically, she tried to tie Wyman to Trump. Podlodowski argues that Wyman “is simply hiding his affiliation with Trump, is terrified of losing his seat to Democrat Gael Tarleton and will do anything to hide his true colors.” Even by not voting and urging others not to vote.

Except that did not happen.

Wyman voted in the primary but did not tick the box for party affiliation in protest. Like many others, she doesn’t think you should need to publicly declare party affiliation in a primary. And when there is only one candidate on a ballot, the party designation on the outside of a ballot envelope effectively turns a private vote into a public vote.

Wyman never encouraged anyone to follow his position and was on a non-stop mission to encourage as many people as possible to vote. During the interview that Podlodowski used to smear Wyman, the secretary of state literally encouraged people to vote and drop their ballots at county polling stations or drop boxes. She even tried to appease voters concerned that a factor who sees party affiliation may “lose” the ballots.

And when Podlodowski doesn’t shamelessly lie to smear political opponents, she is trafficking anti-Semitism.

Podlodowski’s lie proves Davison’s point

Davison quit the party after constant intimidation from democratic (and socialist) extremists in the region. She denounced them at the time for not focusing on any political discussion, but rather for trolling and harassing. Podlodowski and his militant army show no interest in stopping the tactic.

You see Podlodowski focusing on Davison’s attack and not her ideas because she doesn’t want to officially support Thomas-Kennedy’s fringe beliefs. She knows this could make Democrats realize how far the party has drifted towards socialism and abolition.

Podlodowski needs the Democrats in Washington to think she is one of them, or she will have more examples like Gregory and Locke to deal with. She prefers to quietly elect extremists to transform government institutions and policies through a socialist and abolitionist program.

But the biggest problem Podlodowski continues to face is that she is as good at lying as she is at running for state office: that is, remarkably incompetent. His lies are transparent and it becomes clear just how extreme the Democratic Party in Washington has become.

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